panicpuppet (panicpuppet) wrote in amypond_cosplay,

Sale: SA American Apparel Batwing Hoodie (Amy Pond, "The Time Of Angels" & "Flesh and Stone")

Sadly having to let go of my screen accurate hoodie as worn by Amy in ToA/FaS. Was purchased directly from American Apparel in 2010 just before they went out of stock and has barely been worn since, so still in brand new condition.

And these two photos show it being worn by myself at MCM Scotland in 2013. It really is a beautiful piece and made the costume; got so many compliements on it and a couple of people were curious as to where they could get one!

It's currently listed as an eBay auction starting at 99p, but I am very open to offers!
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If you still have it, I will definitely buy it for quite a lot. (Fingers crossed as hard as I can.) If you have it and would still like to sell it, just email me.