Seden Ergul (mithrendis) wrote in amypond_cosplay,
Seden Ergul

ISO:Amy- Paying a lot! and trade Clara

Originally posted by mithrendis at ISO:Amy- Paying a lot! and trade Clara
Hey everyone,
I am currently looking for these:

-Red and pink Uniqlo Checkered Shirt in Small or Medium
-NOA NOA Dress in Small (desperately seeking for this one)
-Still looking for a good alt for purple blouse from The Girl Who Waited

I can trade them with one of these(I can overpay too one of these items+money)

- BNWT Diamond Print Blouse(Clara) in UK 10 tall
- Topshop Crop Ladder Stitch Jumper - UK 8/US 4
- Circle gold chain necklace from the same episode
- Amy Miss Selfridge Single Pocket Shirt in UK 10

I can pay what have you paid for these items since they are incredibly rare.I wear UK size 8-10 on tops but I can go in between 6-12 depending on the item.If you have any of these one to sell, please PM me. Thanks!
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